Thursday, September 10, 2009

Indignation of Mira Awad about boycot of Noa

Here is one fresh Mira's interview translated from spanish by me ;)

Indignation of Mira Awad about boycot of Noa

September 10, Jerusalem

Mira Awad is outraged! She can't possibly understand how in Barcelona ''they can treated that way'' her soulmate, israeli singer Achinoam Nini, better known as Noa. She didn't know. Her surprise was big when we informed her that the Catalan Party ICV-EUIA pretend to boycot her this friday in Diada (National Day Event) this 11. september.
''You made me very sad with that news. As a Palestinian I must say that it's unfortunate that they boycot Noa. She's one of the persons that helped Palestinian people and their just cause, even paying a price here in Israel for that. I really don't understand those who pretend to boycot her.'' - said the palestinian artist Mira.

''They are wrong. Why don't they look her trajectory. Like me she was always against violence.'' sais Awad , who pretend next 10 October to perform in Cordoba with Noa.

''Maybe the protestors have done many good things, don't know them, but they should direct their justified anger to the israeli and palestinan politicians, not direct it to a singer. They should pressure politicians, the rulers of the International comunity, to find a solution.
I don't understand how they can be angry to a singer who has always supported peace! Noa has never saved her critics of Israeli governement. She has used her voice, her reputation and social impact to promote cooperation between the two people.'' exclaims Awad.

The boycott has been promoted by the platform ‘’Stop the war’’, which accuses Noa of supporting in January the Israeli attacks in Gaza. Awad acknowledged that they had many arguments over the Israeli military offensive in Gaza against the Hamas Islamist group. "During the war, we’ve argued a lot. We come from different backgrounds. My father was expelled from his village in the north in 1948 and was able to return thanks to God. Fortunately we do not become refugees. Noa from the other side, is from a Yemenite Jewish family, from a village who also suffered persecution. Coming from such different places, it is sometimes difficult to accept what says the other side."

On that occasion, Noa asked the Palestinians to rebel against Hamas which she defined as "viruse, monster of bigotry, a cancer within the Palestinian people."

Awad criticizes Israel: "The Palestinian people is living under occupation and should get his freedom and his own Independent State. The occupation must end now. After the unnecessary escalation in Gaza, the result has been a very right-wing and radical Israeli government.''

But the Palestinian singer dares to self-criticism: "Fanaticism has increased on both sides. Unfortunately, I do not understand how our Palestinian political agenda is seen or presented, because of Hamas, as an extremist religious agenda. It is not the original agenda of the Palestinian people for freedom. I fight for our cause to be humanand political rather than fanatical. Hamas's rise to power is the result of many years of frustration.''

They have known each other for nine years. While Noa became a famous artist and international, Awad got known just two years ago with an Israeli TV series humorously portraying the situation of the arab minority. Her talent and beauty are beyond the screen, although she says - "first of all, I am a singer. I have always been linked to music, writing and singing.’’

Her musical dream became continental as she participated with Noa in the latest edition of the Eurovision. Their moving song 'There must be another way' won many hearts even though criticized by many Palestinians for representing Israel.

"It was a very painful because we received many criticism. But we will continue dialogue and cooperation. We will continue screaming for moderation and peace. Against fanaticism. So the boycott of Noa is unjustified’’ she concludes.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Interview with Mira Awad in her promotional tour in Spain

While Mira was in one of her recent tours in Spain she gave one great interview to a journalist/writer from Argentina. The interview include stuff on her artistic acomplishments but also some point of views on other things.

Here you can read it all:

I loved the interview and especially the last part when she said what are her future plans:

''I am going to be acting in a second season of a TV satire series I participate in called: "Arab labor". And of course I'm starting to think of songs for the second album…''

Can news for her fans be better than this? :))))

PS: Thank you Federico for beautiful interview. Muchas gracias!