Saturday, October 3, 2009

Voces de las tres culturas

Voices of three cultures


The Israeli artist Noa, the Palestinian artist Mira Awad, the singer Miguel Poveda and Algerian musician Rachid Taha will be in October 10 at the concert "Voices of the three cultures'', which will be held on the occasion of the inauguration of the Institutional Headquarter and Area of Integrational Management of Joint Archaeological center ''Madinat al-Zahra''.

In a statement, the Delegate of Culture in the Andalucía en Córdoba, Joaquín Dobladez, said he wanted to have these international figures that "symbolize the three cultures that lived together peacefully during the Caliphate period, heyday of Madinat al - Zahra ".

He explained that "this concert will be a referal in the defense of peace, dialogue and tolerance between different cultures through music," so he encouraged everyone to participate in this "big show" with which " Cordoba, through the means Al-Andalus, will put their grain of sand on the implementation of projects that enhance the dialogue between cultures, like the Alliance of Civilizations ".

Noa, who will come to Cordoba with the Palestinian artist Mira Awad is one of the leading Israeli artists and a strong advocate of dialogue for achieveing peace, a role that has made her earn awards including the Crystal Award at the World Economic Forum held Davos (Switzerland). In this concert she will perform tracks from her latest work "Genes & Jeans', probably her most evocative and exciting repertoire.

Rachid Taha is part of the new generation of Algerian musicians who combine the rhythms of his country folk expressions with western music. In his album he combines reflections, dreams, emotions and memories.

For his part, Miguel Poveda, winner of 'Premio Nacional de Música' in 2007. He has countless awards. He has collaborated with great artists from flamenco gente 'til pop and he gave his voice in to film soundtracks such as 'Broken Embraces', by Pedro Almodovar. His latest album, 'Verses of willing' is proving very successful.

The concert will be free and held in Argentina Street outside of Cordoba.

Translated in english by me...

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