Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mira Awad in 'Dancing with the stars'


Like in many other countries in Isreal too exists the popular dancing competition show...''Dancing with the stars'' where our sweety Mira is participating. Her partner is Danny Yochtman and by her own words that she confessed to us in her FB page...He is amazing and she is having so much fun that she actually fell in love with dancing :)))

Here you can see the glimps of rehersal of Mira and Danny.

And even though who don't understand hebrew (like me) it's clearly seen how much fun she has. She is actualy glowing and spreading all that positive energy that she seems carrying with herself in whatever she does. :) Gorgeous...isn't she?? :-)


  1. Oh no, I might have to actually watch this show now :P Our version in the UK is bad enough. She has a good partner though! I think Dani Yochtman came 2nd in last years' contest.

  2. Mira & Dani were amazing last night! They are very cute together, she seems to have clicked with him very well. Maybe it would be cool for you to post a link to where others who don't know can watch her performances throughout the series? :) Her performances will be housed here: (be sure to click the play button on the bar, not the big play button, as the castup video player can be very picky!)

  3. Oh and alternatively full episodes are here
    but I dont know if non-Hebrew speakers would get much out of most of the full show (1:45 hours!), other than the dancing.

  4. Hi Amal....Sorry for responding so late. I was unavailable. My mom had surgery and I was occupated with that and my studies and obligatiosn so I didn't have time to drop by here. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will write new post or posts where I'll put all relevant infos that I have about dancing with stars.

    See you around ;)