Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vote for Mira Awad and Danny

Vote for Mira Awad and Danny

If you are fan of Mira Awad or you entered randomly on this page...please take some of your time to cast few votes for Mira and Danny on ''Dancing With The Stars''. It's not difficult at all although the page is in hebrew.... Before this poste I wrote in the old one about their participation in the dancing show. Please vote! You can vote no matter from what country you are!!! All votes are counted!

Here are the instructions:

Click on this link:

You will see the page with numbered little photos of dancing couples.

Mira and Danny are on number 12.

Click the little picture with number 12.

You will see now big picture of Mira and Danny and below the big picture will be small one.

On the left side of small one is one button were in hebrew is written vote.

Click on that button and your vote is IN.

You can repeat that 10 times! PLEASE!


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