Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mira Awad and Noa new ambassadors of PEACE

Ambassadors of peace - Ambassadrice pour la paix

Noa and Mira on their little europan tour in Italy, Spain and France recived a well deserved recognition. That happend in Lourdes, France on 13 august 2009 or if you like 2 days ago.

City of Lourdes gave them prize and named them Ambassadors of peace.

Here you have the video of that event:

The video is in french, but for you who don't understand it I am going to translated the speech of that man in white suite. Since it's not seen on video who is that man I presume that he is maybe the mayor of Lourdes.

He basicaly said that he is very happy to have Mira and Noa there in that Concert for peace - ''Concert pour la paix''. That every year Lourdes organize manifestations that are like that and that this year in May they organized a meeting of foreign delegations of ministres and that they had the honor that Minister of Israel and also of Palestine where there and that they started a good dialogue. And they are honored now to have also the two of them singing and promoting peace.

That is the basically shorten what was said in the video and they gave them the reward of peace.
Nice and very touching!

I was always of opinion that music is still strong enough to convey messages and Mira and Noa are proof of that. Their music is so heart touching so peoples who are open minded and love strong meaningful lyrics this is the music that they will surely enjoy.

Well done girls!!!!!!!!!

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