Sunday, August 23, 2009

There sure MUST be another way!


La Notte Della Taranta...festival in Italia.

Mira Awad and Noa were guests last night. Doing the best that they do...singing. With their songs promoting something so precious as it is PEACE.

At the same place...bunch of troublemakers infiltrated between the audience that came to the festival to listen the beautiful music....meaningful lyrics...message of peace and co-existence that has to come to reality one day.

They were anti-israelis protesters....but they for sure weren't pro palestinian protesters neither! You don't do that to your fellow palestinian...calling her names, like criminal and killer! Who did she killed???? Person like Mira don't deserve that crap from anyone.

You don't throw stones onto your fellow fighter for peace. Even though the stones weren't must have been like if they were.

Really sad happenings last night...something surely Taranta Festival didn't need.

But as Noa on here blog's only small bunch of people...and that is NOTHING compared to MANY MANY supporters and admirers who like what they both do.

So the best thing to do is just turn the page forward...doing the things that those girls do best...singing, singing and singing.

Music has the strenght to change things...just need time and patience.

Mira you are the best. Belive me...I so admire you and will be suporting you forever and I am not alone in this. You can't imagine how many people thinks just like me...Just be strong and stay well! WE LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE! Amazing, loving and beautiful person inside as much as outside!!!! May peace be always upon you!

PS: In the continuation...a video clip of the event mentioned...

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