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Some interesting press reviews about Mira's actoral work

Well, we all know that Mira is amazing singer and songwriter too, because when you read or listen to the can see how deep were Mira's emotion in the time when she created them. That is why when she sings...she easly envolve her public with her performance.

Well Mira is equally amazing in her other art work which is acting. I was able to see some of her actoral work which is preety amazing even for someone who don't speak arabic or hebrew. She surely can catch the audience with her unique way to represent...

That is not mine opinion only since I'm gonna give you here some short but interesting press reviews by some of the israeli press:

“Mira Awad is all of human pain. She makes the air around her quiver from so much pain. She is ready for the moments of accepting judgment. She wants her son but is almost willing to escape. Awad plays the part so movingly that it is hard to describe.”
Dan Lachman

“Mira Awad was blessed with a fascinating voice and so was ensured of a successful performance as Eliza Doolittle. But the perhaps even more important revelation is her ability to shape Eliza from the inside. She was stormy, rude, crude, sometimes even repulsive in her first scene. Yet at the same time, her awakening curiosity was quite obvious – the sense that something else that takes even her by surprise, is taking place within her. So when she comes to ask Higgins to teach her to speak properly, Awad’s Eliza has already signaled to us that her personality is what is seeking to burst out of its cocoon, long before Higgins or Pickering pick up on it.”
Tzvi Goren

“But the main surprise was Mira Awad: she not only looks great, she sounds as if born to the role of Liza Doolittle. She sings beautifully and also manages to stir the emotions – both a fair lady and a singing one.”
Elyakim Yaron

“The charming Awad in the leading role of Liza Doolittle, stepped into shoes of the greats (Audrey Hepburn in the wide world, and Rita in our tiny country), and pulled it off big time. “Lady” is unquestionably just the jumping-off point for her journey to the top.”
Tidhar Wald

“…but the one who enchanted me was Mira Anwar Awad as a female figment of the imagination: so much beauty and nobility in her acting, singing and movement, how beautiful Hebrew sounds coming from her mouth. And when seducing the poet she captivates the viewers with her abundant, serene and graceful charm. And when Ibn Gvirol sends her out of his life and off the stage, your heart simply breaks. During her momentary presence she created a profusion of theatrical magic.”
Michael Handelzalts, Haaretz

“When I listen to Awad, it’s impossible not to be swayed by the velvety, powerful voice. Her voice has something that penetrates deep and gives you goose bumps. ‘Olakatuna’ is the type of song that makes you tremble even when you don’t understand the words. If the radio stations are open-minded enough to accept Awad, you can enjoy almost four minutes of singing that is genuine, candid, forceful and spine-tingling.”
Yotam Peled

“Mira Awad’s clear, elegant voice along with the minimalistic melody that draws upon her ethnic origins do wonders in ‘Olakatuna.” Although the song is in Arabic, if you manage to set your political prejudices aside, you will discover that this song succeeds in surrounding you with familiar yet unattained sounds. When you delve into the meaning of the words you can take it in the direction of relations between us and them but also in personal directions.”
Michal Ben-David, Habama website

Source of reviews: IcExcellence...

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