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Mira Awad Biography

Mira Anwar Awad

Actress, singer and songwriter.

Mira Anwar Awad was born in the village of Rama in the Galilee to a Palestinian father and a Bulgarian mother.
She studied at the Rimon School for Jazz and Contemporary Music from 1996 to 2000, and at the Body Theatre School with a scholarship from the America-Israel Culture Foundation She also participated in Improvisational workshops in Isarael and the UK, sponsored by the BIArts, British Council.
Mira speaks fluently four languages: Arabic, Hebrew, English and Bulgarian.

Mira has a very versatile career in many proyects.


Participated in many pieces of theatre:

Ad'kor. an arabic musical, Al'midan theatre.

Dual Solitude (also performed in Lamama theatre, NY), The Committee For Truth and Reconciliation, Antara, The Queen And The Soldier And The Voyages of Pergint, at the Arabic-Hebrew theatre, Yaffo.

My Fair Lady, as Eliza Doolittle, in the Isareli Opera house in collaboration with producer Moshe Yosef.

Hold The Light For Me, a dance piece by Mimi Wisenberg. Music by Menahem Wisenberg.

The House of Spirits (in Italian), Dell'orologio theatre, Rome, Italy.

Currently working in Hakameri theatre, Tel-Aviv in the productions: Plonter, Shirat Hakameri, Makom Aher Ve Ir Zara, Ze Hayam Hagadol, and The Return To Haifa.



Arabic Labor

Noah's Ark.

Guest appearances on Life Is Not Everything and Hasufim.

Hosted TV programs on channel 1 and on the Israeli Educational TV : Sahtein, Yots'im mehakelim, Sabres, The trail of tales.


That Woman Like A Rose, by director Ihab Salti.

The Bubble, by director Eithan Fux.

Al'Zendiq, by director Michel Khleifi.


Edited and presented the radio program Terminal on Al'Shams radio.
co-hosted program Friday at 9 with Emanuel Rozen,on Radio 99.


Collaborated with:

Achinoam Nini - Noa on her album Now and on new joint album ‘’There must be another way’’.

Idan Raichel in his second album Mema'amakim.

Greek singer George Dalaras.

Hip-Hop artists Guy Mar and Saz.

Also recorded the theme songs for movies: Forgiveness by director Udi Aloni and Lemon Tree by director Eran Riklis.

Participated in Eurosong Contest in Moscow 2009 with Noa.

Recently released her debut album Bahlawan/Acrobat, musically produced by Amos Ever-Hadani.


Prize winner for costume design for children play My summer vacation, the children theatre festival, Haifa.

Winner of Edna Flidel scholarship for young actors.

Photo exhibition We didn’t have a sea there, in the Cameri theatre.

Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation (IcExcellence) chosen artist since 2008.

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